Born in Dernashallog, Emyvale, Co. Monaghan, Martina grew up in the heart of the country. Then, as so often happens she moved as far away as she could possibly get from it! Classically trained in print her work as a graphic designer and illustrator in commercial print took her to Amsterdam, Dublin, Manchester and Belfast.

Then 15 years ago she moved to Youghal, Co Cork with her family and she found herself, back again in the heart of the country but this time with the added bonus of having the sea on her doorstep too.

And now after many years of working as a commercial graphic artist she has also returned  to her first loves of creating art and storytelling.

what floats

my boat

My work is inspired and comes about as a response to the natural world. In my work I am attempting to achieve that elusive balance of responding to the subject matter and its contents but all the time allowing room to respond both intuitively and emotionally to the subject to help create a sense of place and also reflect the character spirit of the place.

The horizon is ever present in my work as it defines our relationship to the world and provides us with perceptions of defined boundaries.

I enjoy watching life, especially, as Kavanagh puts it, ‘wherever life pours ordinary plenty’. Any­where the ordinary working man placed their hands in the soil and left their mark is of par­ticular interest to me.

The stories the ‘ordinary’ could tell.

My approach

My mixed media approach is part of the dialogue in an attempt to expand the definition of the painting with the meaning of the work emerges from the language of the paint.

It is a visceral response and is also very much influence by my background career in print and film planning with the many layers of the work being built up spontaneously and intuitively.

I like to use primitive and spontaneous mark makings with the residual pigments left from the process tending to be what I like most.

I enjoy combining techniques and materials using pencil, graphite, charcoal, pastel, oils, acrylics and print.


What occurs in the studio is what drives me on and both frustrates me and gives immense pleasure in equal measures.


My mantra

 make a mark and make it count – just for you